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Vitamin D3 and Quercetin Blog

Vitamin D3 and Quercetin Blog

I want to share some of the benefits on how vitamins can help our bodies. I want to focus on a specific vitamin every week to dive deep into the benefits and research that can help us become more aware of how important it is to make sure we are getting enough in our diets.

Vitamins D3 and Quercetin

Vitamin D3 is actually a hormone, but is a vital nutrient to our immune system. A vitamin that is deficient in a large portion of the population. How does Vitamin D help us in the fight against Covid19. 

Professor Roger Seheult MD has an informative 1 hour video that explains the importance and the relation to Vitamin D and our ability to fight the effects of Covid19. See the link on youtube in this article.


Youtube Video - Professor Roger Seheult MD


Quercetin is a flavonoid found in fruits and vegetables. Quercetin has been clinically tested in humans and mice. Do a google search using the words, quercetin efficacy and West Africa, and you will find the following excerpt from the the article on

Excerpt from

Ebola outbreaks occur on a frequent basis, with the 2014-2015 outbreak in West Africa being the largest one ever recorded. This outbreak has resulted in over 11,000 deaths in four African countries and has received international attention and intervention. Although there are currently no approved therapies or vaccines, many promising candidates are undergoing clinical trials, and several have had success in promoting recovery from Ebola. However, these prophylactics and therapeutics have been designed and tested only against the same species of Ebola virus as the one causing the current outbreak. Future outbreaks involving other species would require reformulation and possibly redevelopment. Therefore, a broad-spectrum alternative is highly desirable. We have found that a flavonoid derivative called quercetin 3-β-O-d-glucoside (Q3G) has the ability to protect mice from Ebola even when given as little as 30 min prior to infection. Furthermore, we have demonstrated that this compound targets the early steps of viral entry. Most promisingly, antiviral activity against two distinct species of Ebola virus was seen. This study serves as a proof of principle that Q3G has potential as a prophylactic against Ebola virus infection.



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