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August 2021 Limit of Total THC 1% in Louisiana UPDATED 07/30/2021

Blog about the upcoming Limit of Total THC 1% in Louisiana
August 01 2021

UPDATE 07/30/2021

Since the Ban is on Total THC and Delta 8 is illegal in some states, it is best if you call us to find out the latest updates. 504-841-9145

Cypress Hemp has provided us with an informative breakdown of the Revised HB640 effective August 01st 2021. 



We will still be able to sell Delta 8 Flower as Incense except the companies will need to comply to the Louisiana DOH label regulations, so our selection may be limited but overall we will still have it for sale. 

We will still be able to sell Dabs as Incense as well, but the companies will need to comply with the LA DOH label certifications, so our selection may be limited on this product as well. 

Delta 8 Gummies will be available again soon up to 30mg. We are waiting on the Gummy size to be changed to comply with the 1% Total THC limit.

We currently have the Cypress Hemp Delta 8 Gummies on the way (new LA legal delta 8 gummies). The Cypress Hemp Delta 8 Tincture will be available in 2 weeks. We will carry this as well! 

It's not looking completely bleak for now. Some adjustments may need to take place but we can still get our Delta 8 Fix on thanks to the Great Local Companies we support like Cypress Hemp and Crescent Canna. 


Update 07/12/2021 - We found a website that somewhat addressed the Ban on Delta 8 here in Louisiana. 

excerpt from the website:  Article from

While obviously, federal legalization would eliminate a majority of issues like this, when looking at cannabis prohibition, this is going to have to be a process of baby steps.    The bill that is creating a bit more of a stir is HB 640. (Read current status and dates of) HB 640 prohibits the production of consumable legal hemp-derived products that contain non-naturally occurring compounds.    What is strange is that while occurring in small amounts, Delta 8 is still a naturally occurring compound that is within the cannabis plant, it just needs to undergo a chemical process to be brought out. 


Update 07/03/2021 - We have a H4Nsolution® to your Delta 8 needs at Health4nola. Please stop in today to see how we can help keep Delta 8 as a healthy alternative to pharmaceuticals in your life legally, even after August 01, 2021. I am getting deep into the bill that where lines were scratched out and edited for the purpose of the government to restrict our freedom to access natural solutions.


Update 06/29/2021 - Louisiana remains under the .3% Delta 9 THC law limit, but the new bill has been updated to include a combination of Tetrahydrocannabinol and Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid. The new bill clearly states that all Hemp Derived products, consumables, flower, and topicals may contain LESS than 1% TOTAL THC - This includes all THC compounds such as THCA, THCV, Delta 6, Delta 8, Delta 9, Delta 10 


Less than 1% TOTAL THC from any Hemp Derived product by dry weight.




Also the 3% Excise tax for Retailers includes any and all Hemp derived consumables and topicals. (No longer Hemp derived CBD)

Consumable Hemp Product is listed as any product derived from industrial hemp that contains any cannabinoid, including cannabidiol and is intended for consumption or topical use. 



New House Bill 640 - ACT 336


We have a copy printed out at our store and have some new information to share with you. Stop by to hear about what our plans are to keep Delta 8 available for our customers. Stop by today and ask us about the New THC Limit and what our current plans are.  





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